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Normally miniatures are based on characters that have been originally created for playing cards in each game. 
When our clients would like to help the game players achieve the best game playing experience, they will ask us for help to turn 2-D card characters into 3-D miniatures.
Miniatures as a manufacturing process operate much differently and complicatedly than any other printing based products and therefore it requires a complected different procedure. 
Our project consultant together with our molding engineer and injection expert will discuss with you and collect information of your concept and focus of the miniatures you need. 
They will help you understand the technical requirements of how to make an attractive and lifelike miniature. 
They may get back to you for more information and artwork or sculptures design files to prepare the 3D files then prototype model needed.  
We can produce miniatures with all the popularly used materials in the market, such as PVC, ABS and HIPS etc..
If you would like to make custom miniatures for your dream board game, please contact us now.