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Punch-out Tokens
Token is usually a resource, a game piece used to collect winnings, for instance. 
Punch-out tokens are the most popularly used tokens in the board game. 
Punch-out tokens is actually a sheet of punch paperboard. 
We can create different thickness, shape and size of punch-out tokens according to your designs and requirements. 
We have full range of paper and surface finishes available for you.
Most often we will make a set of handcrafted custom punch tool for unique shape and size tokens in each game. 
If you can follow our standard size and shape(round and square) tokens, you can save the extra custom tooling charge.
Tokens come in paperboard sheets of pre-cut game tokens normally. 
We will help you make sure the number, size and shape of your tokens will fit into your sheet. 
But if based on your special design, your sheet size ends up being larger than the outer box, your tokens will be pieces punched and bagged.
By the way, if you would like to apply Plastic Tokens as below for your dream board game, please refer to our Plastic Pieces in the Components.