About Us

Constan Games!
Your Efficient & Reliable Board Game & Card Game Manufacturing Partner.
Constan Games is a modern board game and card game manufacturer owned by Constan Packing Co., Ltd., a long history printing and packaging company in Shanghai,China.
Throughout 13 years' development in printing and packaging industry, Constan Packing has built its reputation on meeting the needs of the clients, from small to large.
We always provide our clients with reliable and cost-effective printing and packaging solutions and support them in delivering their urgent jobs.
Constan Packing has delivered printing and packaging solutions to more than 680 companies or individuals across 28 nations in different industries around the world.
Constan Games has fulfilled over 200 different board games and card games manufacturing projects for our clients across 12 nations worldwide.
The Constan Games directors, Erin Zhu and Jason Lee, combine their personal printing & packaging and injection molding & manufacturing backgrounds to lead a fully qualified team of graphic designers, printing technicians, molding engineers and injection experts.
Their focus is set on confidently covering all your ever-changing board game and card game requirements.
Our Mission
At Constan Games we strive to provide a professional approach to complicated board game and card game manufacturing.
We aim to be The Best Board Game and Card Game Manufacturing Provider in China.